re.demp.tion - n. 1. deliverance from evil. 2. the act of atoning for sin or wrongdoing. 3. spiritual enlightenment causing a person to lead a new life.

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Saturday, October 1, 2011

on sabbatical

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Received word a little while ago that my poem a dismal crusade has been published as part of Poets for Living Waters, a poetry action in response to the BP Gulf oil disaster.

My thanks to Amy King and Heidi Lynn Staples for including my poem and spearheading this noble effort.

Check it out.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

a dismal crusade

The innocent walk though the woods,
a well-worn path.

So the slip was unexpected,
like the jagged granite
hidden ‘neath the dead damp leaves
that cushioned my fall.

Face up,
senseless ‘cept for sight,
eyes locked by shock,
staring at sharp shadows
shifting slowly
as the cloudless day passed
with ease,
its deep blue fading.

The sun headed west:
through a wide gap
in the bent bare branches
a lone black dot
floated in the high sky,
swaying back and forth.

More gathered as the day dragged on.

By late afternoon,
dozens were near tree top level
riding concealed currents,
swirling together
marking my spot.

The dying sunlight cast a golden glow
on the silken black feathers of the under wings
and accented the blood red flesh
capping their crooked necks,
angels in disguise.

my bed
o’ rocks,
for numbing darkness
to descend
and the feast
to begin.